[Wind Power Monthly] Taiwan boosts offshore ambition

TAIWAN: The economic affairs ministry has increased offshore wind target to 4GW by 2030, as the country raises its overall renewable energy targets.

2015.08.18 / Wind Power Monthly / David Weston

To achieve the new target, up from 3GW, the ministry is expected to increase development of offshore wind zones and help banks with financial risk assessments to boost interest in offshore wind investment.

The government has also identified 36 areas off the west coast with water depths of 50 metres suitable for offshore projects, according to local news outlet Digitimes.

The overall renewable energy target increases to 17.25GW by 2030, up from a target of 13.75GW set in 2014, increasing offshore wind, plus solar and geothermal energy targets.

The government adjusted the feed-in tariff for offshore wind, which now stands at TWD 7.109/kWh ($0.23/kWh) for the first ten years of operation, and TWD 3.459/kWh ($0.11/kWh) for the following ten years.

According to Windpower Intelligence, the data division of Windpower Monthly, Taiwan has 633MW of installed wind capacity, all onshore.

Several offshore projects are under development. In June, Siemens was awarded the contract by Formosa Wind Power to supply two 4MW turbines to an offshore test site.

Taiwan Generations Corp (TGC) is also planning to install a two turbine pilot offshore project in the Taiwan Strait, using a European-built turbine.
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